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BCAE are a chartered architect practice based in Preston & Manchester

What we do

(unless you're simply looking for design and planning permission assistance – in which case, we'd be happy to explore if we can assist). Honesty is our policy, especially when it comes to costs. We won't lowball the figures to win the job and then surprise you with unexpected expenses. That wouldn't be fair to you, and it certainly wouldn't be fair to us. 

Our projects cover a wide range – from brand new homes to charming old ones, from giving interiors a fresh look to adding transformative extensions. We're also excited to collaborate with independent businesses and community groups looking to enhance their shops, workspaces, workshops, yoga studios, and more. Most of our projects have budgets exceeding £100K. Below that amount, it often doesn't make sense for either of us.

You've come to the right place if you're seeking a creative, upfront, and harmonious partnership.

Let's make something unique together! 

House Extensions and Reconfigurations

If you're thinking of extending your home, contact us and we can offer friendly advice on what the best solution could be for your project, and discuss our residential architectural services. You may need to increase the scale and quality of the property, add further accommodation, or adapt your home for your family’s changing needs, ultimately to add value and transform how you live in your home. 


Many of our projects involve transforming existing buildings such as re-configuring or extending existing homes to improve the functionality, and create amazing spaces with wow-factor. From single storey domestic extensions, to converting bungalows into multi-storey properties and loft conversions, we can help create a new space in your home, or offer it a new lease on life.  Learn more

As a chartered architect practice BCAE are equipped to help you from the start of your project until the end

Eco Houses / PassivHaus

At the core of our new-build home designs lies a commitment to sustainability. We prioritise eco-friendly practices to minimise energy consumption and lessen the carbon footprint of our homes. Integrating features such as ground source heat pumps, MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems, rainwater harvesting, solar panel energy generation, battery storage, sustainable drainage systems, and superior insulation and air-tightness, our designs embrace a holistic approach to environmental consciousness. 


We understand that sustainability standards and requirements vary from client to client. Our homes can be tailored to meet specific sustainability standards, including PassivHaus or zero-carbon neutrality. This flexibility allows us to tailor our designs to align with the unique preferences and budget considerations of our clients, ensuring that each home reflects both your and our values with a commitment to a greener future. Learn more

We are chartered architects accredited by RIBA

Self Build Homes

At BCAE Architects, we are your dedicated partners in turning this dream into reality. Our role goes beyond traditional architecture; we work hand-in-hand with clients on their self-build projects, offering tailored guidance, creative expertise, and practical insights. From the initial sketches to the final construction, we ensure that every aspect of your self-built home reflects your unique vision, lifestyle, and aspirations. 


Many of our clients are self-building their own properties, either project managing the build, building the property themselves or appointing a main contractor to undertake the project. Our clients have varying budgets, styles and priorities so every brief is tailored to each individual client. Learn more

RIBA accredited architects

Bespoke Luxury Homes

We specialise in crafting high-quality architectural homes that seamlessly integrate our clients' personal preferences to enhance their lifestyles. From leisure suites and entertaining spaces to spa and wellness zones, we tailor each home to meet the unique needs of individuals and their families. Our focus is on delivering residences that epitomise the finest aspects of contemporary luxury living, with thoughtful design elements that transcend indoor and outdoor boundaries. Learn more

Bespoke luxury builds from chartered architects BCAE Preston


Beyond residential projects, we are passionate about working with developers and businesses across the North-West to create environments which work for their specific purpose. We are also keen to collaborate with independent businesses and community groups, enhancing everything from shops and workspaces to workshops and yoga studios. Learn more

Chartered architect practice specialising in small residential developments

Residential developments

Large-scale housing projects typically encompass 10 or more residential units within a single location, subject to the specific regulations of the Local Authority. We collaborate with a diverse array of developers who construct homes spanning various scales and affordability tiers. These projects range from affordable social housing initiatives to luxury gated communities, spanning multiple Local Authorities. Learn more

As chartered architects we can help you from the planning stage right up to the finished build

'Paragraph 80' Homes

A Paragraph 80 home, also known as a Paragraph 79 or Para 80 home, refers to a special planning permission clause in the UK. This clause allows for the construction of a new, innovative, and exceptional home in the countryside, even if it might typically be restricted by local planning regulations.  


To gain approval, the proposed dwelling must demonstrate extraordinary architectural quality and innovation, blending harmoniously with the landscape while meeting strict sustainability and design criteria. Paragraph 80 homes are unique and often serve as examples of exceptional architectural creativity within rural settings. Learn more

Beautiful homes designed and built by experts
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