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BCAE Architects: Transforming Spaces with Small Extensions

At BCAE Architects, we have worked on numerous residential projects, where we offer a complete architectural service from concept to completion on both grand transformations and small-scale projects. Our expertise extends from major bespoke new builds to more modest properties and compact extensions...

Why Choose BCAE Architects for Small Extensions?

Single storey rear extension

Comprehensive Architectural Service

At BCAE Architects, we offer a complete architectural service, guiding you from concept to completion. Whether you have a large property undergoing a major transformation or a more modest project involving small-scale extensions, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Diverse Small-Scale Projects

While we are known for our work on larger properties, we are equally passionate about smaller scale extensions. These projects often include:

  • Single Storey Rear Extensions: Creating spacious open-plan kitchen-dining-living areas.

  • Two-Storey Extensions: Adding extra bedrooms.

  • Loft Conversions: Providing additional living space.

  • Small Front Porches: Enhancing the entrance of your home.

Design Excellence in Small Spaces

Small extensions pose unique design challenges, requiring innovative solutions to make the most of limited space. Every aspect of our designs is carefully curated to optimise the new space without any wasted areas. We understand that smaller projects demand precision and creativity to ensure maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We recognise that small projects often come with modest budgets. Our architects are adept at designing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or the client's goals. We prioritise efficiency, ensuring that every penny contributes to achieving your vision.

Transform Your Home with BCAE Architects

Why Small Extensions Matter

Even a relatively small change to your home can have a profound impact, transforming how you use the building. Whether it's creating a wow-factor kitchen-dining area, a cozy movie den, or a playroom for the kids, our small extensions can bring significant improvements to your living space.

No Need to Extend? Make the Most of Existing Space

Not every improvement requires a physical extension. Sometimes, it's about optimizing the existing space or establishing better connections between outdoor and indoor areas. Picture a stunning kitchen-dining area, a snug movie den, or a playroom seamlessly blending with your home's current layout.

Contact BCAE Architects Today

Ready to enhance your living space, regardless of its size? Contact BCAE Architects, your Preston-based experts in planning applications, new builds, extensions, conversions, and building regulation applications.

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