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Sparth House

New Build Care Home
3,500 m²

The site contains an existing large dwelling contained within large grounds. A number of trees border the site providing screening between the site and adjacent properties. The existing dwelling will be demolished.

Historically the site has been used for private residential which hasn’t changed since the building was constructed. The building is currently occupied. The two storey building is set back from the main road edge and car parking is currently situated at the front of the building.

The proposal seeks to redevelop the site at 185 Manchester Road, with a new build, 72 bed extra care scheme, comprising of high quality living accommodation, meeting the needs for extra care facilities within the area. The proposal will go above and beyond the typical ‘extra care’ facilities within the area in terms of quality and amenity, setting the standard for extra care facilities within the borough and wider areas of Greater Manchester. Associated amenity, garden, terrace and ancillary spaces will be included, as well as coffee and shops incorporated within the ground floor for use by local residents and visitors. External landscape works will seek to improve the current urban condition, introduce a new vehicular circulation and expand the already dense treescape around the site

BCAE Architects were commissioned to improve and create a visually striking building that meets strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, specifically a BREEAM Excellent rating.

The design ascends towards the site’s centre, creating a dynamic focal point. By harmonizing with neighbouring building heights, we ensure a seamless integration into the urban fabric while upholding the existing urban grain. Thoughtfully integrated terrace areas not only offer premium amenity spaces but also imbue the design with a sense of community and well-being. Additionally, garden areas thoughtfully incorporated at the building’s rear provide a tranquil retreat. This intricately balanced massing strategy encapsulates our commitment to both architectural innovation and contextual harmony, culminating in a design that enriches the urban landscape

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