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Rhodi Estate, Marrakech

Luxury Villa

Reflecting on vernacular architecture in Marrakech, our design focuses on using traditional Moroccan arches as a prominent feature within our design brief, embedding traditional features throughout the proposal. Islamic architecture makes use of specific ornamental forms, including geometric patterns and elaborate calligraphy inscribed onto the walls.

With Marrakech known globally as ‘The Red City’, we have drawn on this tradition to influence our selection of materials and colour schemes. The buildings position responds to the Atlas Mountains south of Rhodi with careful consideration to the sun path to maximise natural light, views and create moments of shade. Internal courtyards, known as Riads, are a popular architectural layout in Morocco, therefore we have drawn inspiration from these. The villa bedrooms are populated around a central pool for residents to use as a private space.

The modular design around the Riad allows for the removal or inclusion of extra bedrooms to fit on a smaller or larger site if desired. The current plans show a 5 bedroom villa, however, by relocating the master bedroom to the rear a 3 bedroom luxury villa would fit on the smaller site.

Pools are key features and are embedded into the design, creating an uninterrupted focal view from the moment of entering the property through to the main pool at the rear. Arches captivate views throughout the building and are mirrored in the external walled gardens on either side of the shared living spaces. The rear of the building takes a more contemporary approach to Moroccan style architecture and juxtaposes the smooth edged composition of the arches at the front of the property.

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