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Orchard House

Sale, Trafford
527 m²

The site contains an existing building, along with external yard space. A number of properties neighbour the site and the main building is fronting the main pedestrian route of School Road.

The site is visible from adjacent property’s around the site and there is a large ALDI to the South and Sainsburys to the North.

The building sits within a row of buildings of varying architectural style and detail with little consistency across the elevation fronting onto School Road. There have been numerous building interventions to many of the buildings along the street scene.

The client is seeking to restore the Orchard House building and convert the uppper floors into high quality residential amenity which will convert the current non-use of the upper floors into vibrant and well managed apartments.

The client has commissioned BCAE Architects to improve and create a visually restored building which contributes to the street scene rather than detracting. The aim is to create a number of high quality town centre apartments and retain as much of the existing building as possible.

The proposal seeks to redevelop the site at Orchard House, with the restoration of the existing building, addition of a rear extension and dormers. The scheme will incorporate 5 no. new apartments (1 & 2 Bed) which will sit within the existing building fabric, utilise existing openings and

ultimately redevelop a disused and key building within the area.

The apartments all encompass; rooms with double beds, living areas which have atleast 2 windows, kitchen areas, all in an open plan living arrangement.

Ground floor will solely be use for the entrance areas, post boxes and cycle storage aswell as home to the existing shops within the plan.

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