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Liverpool Rd.

Longton, Preston
Extension | Remodel
100 m²

Jenny and Gary bought this property to be their new family home in the summer 2021 having fallen in love with the Victorian design and its external features. The following winter highlighted severe issues with the insulation and airtightness of the existing building - something that can be expected with a property of this age.

Having also lived with the layout for some time they realised they were not utilising the spaces to their full extent - favouring warmer spaces - and the disconnect in flow of rooms only added to the the under itlisation of space. Unfortunatley the home they had fallen in love with wasnt working for them and a another move became a possibility. BCAE were approached to interrogate the available opportunities before they committed to looking for a new home.

Initialy we undertook a feasibility study to look at how we could rework the existing layout, we worked at high level in both 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality to convey initial designs ideas and the different possibilities to the client.

Following the feasibility it was clear there were several ways we could improve the layout and flow of spaces while maintaining the traditional character that had drawn Jenny and Gary to the house to begin with. We were appointed to move the project in to concept design followed by a successful planning application. During the detailed and technical design we also explored the options for improving the thermal qualities of the property.

The proposals included remodelling the kitchen / sitting / dining room and opening up the rear wall to create a new connection with the patio and garden beyond - allowing more natural light to spill into the most used room of the home.

The finished scheme will improve the layout, flow, internal comfort, and overall enjoyment of their home. The proposal enhances the rear of the property, and improves their connections between garden and kitchen, creating a high-quality contemporary addition to their family home.

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