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Whitestake, Preston
2no. Bespoke New Build | Greenbelt
400 m²

Situated in an area of Open Countryside and within the South Ribble Greenbelt, this site has been owned for many years by a local family with long ties to the area. The existing property is occupied by the parents of 3 grown up children. Over the years they have explored the opportunities to develop the extensive garden and land to allow their children to build their own homes - without success.

BCAE architects were approached to explore if the time was right for another attempt at gaining approval and develop a strategy for the best way to achieve this. We would need to gain approval for 3 properties (one for each of the owners children).

Following thorough research of the local area, recent planning history and the site we presented a strategy to the clients for achieving planning approval for 3 dwellings. We split the strategy into 2 parts - a Planning-in-Principle (PIP) application for 2no. "Infill" dwellings within the existing garden area, and for the 3rd dwelling we proposed the replacement of an existing barn (for more information please see our 'The Barn' project). This project documents the successful PIP application followed by the 'full application' for 2no. Dwellings within the garden of the existing property.

Permission in Principle is a relatively new route for obtaining planning permission that came into effect on 1st June 2018. Essentially, Permission in Principle is designed to increase the efficiency of the planning process. Current planning applications require a substantial amount of information upfront, even for outline planning permission. Permission in Principle separates the absolute basics of ‘principle of development’ – land use, location and amount of development – from everything else ("technical details"). Via this route, you only need to establish the principle of development once. Then you can go on to apply for approval of the technical details, which will include the appearance of the building and its compliance with local and national policy requirements for space and amenity (outdoor spaces etc). Ultimately, the Permission in Principle route is an alternative way of obtaining planning permission for housing-led development.

Following a successful PIP application we worked with the couples for each property separately, submitting individual applications for each property.

For Plot 1 - We worked closely with Zoe and Mickey to create a design for their 'forever home'. The clients required modest accommodation (open plan living, lounge, study and 3 bedrooms), favoring a traditional look property with dormer windows and lower eaves. Due to be complete early 2024.

For Plot 2 - We worked closely with Adam and Cathy to create a design for their 'forever home'. The largest out of the 3 properties the clients brief included a 4 bedroom property, large open plan living, separate lounge and snug, office and an integral garage. Due to be complete late 2024.

During the concept design stage we produced a 3D walkthrough of the proposed designs so that the clients could understand each space and how the completed building would look and feel. We produced a detailed planning application and following positive comments from the planning officer we received approval for both properties.

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a strong commitment to sustainable living, exemplified by our fabric-first approach. Through careful selection of materials and attention to detail, we have created 2 dwellings with exceptional energy efficiency, minimizing its carbon footprint and reducing reliance on external resources.

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