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Fourways Plot 2

Bespoke New Build - Greenbelt

The Project

This is the third of three self-build eco-homes situated within the grounds of the existing family home.

The site is owned by a family that have long ties to Whitestake, all the families children have grown up in the existing property, we were approached to explore the opportunities for each of the 3 Children to build their own house within the grounds of the existing dwelling. This is therefore the one of three properties.

For the the initial property we took a traditional route and submitted a full planning application to replace an existing barn. For the second two properties we take a different route as both of these new dwellings would be situated in the garden of the existing house (infill).

The route we have taken is of; ‘Planning in Principle’ first (one application for both houses), followed by ‘technical details’ submission (a separate application for each house) to achieve planning permission.

Permission in Principle is a relatively new route for obtaining planning permission that came into effect on 1st June 2018. Essentially, Permission in Principle is designed to increase the efficiency of the planning process. Current planning applications require a substantial amount of information upfront, even for outline planning permission. Permission in Principle separates the absolute basics of ‘principle of development’ – land use, location and amount of development – from everything else ("technical details"). Via this route, you only need to establish the principle of development once. Then you can go on to apply for approval of the technical details, which will include the appearance of the building and its compliance with local and national policy requirements for space and amenity (outdoor spaces etc). Ultimately, the Permission in Principle route is an alternative way of obtaining planning permission for housing-led development.

Following the successful PIP application we then worked with each couple to design schemes that satisfied their individual needs for ‘forever homes’.

Project Type

Bespoke New Build - Greenbelt


Whitestake, Preston



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