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Balmoral Road

Single Storey Rear Extension

The Project

The clients had recently moved into the house which was located in New Longton, Preston. The property had an outstanding rear outlook, overlooking surrounding countryside but was somewhat dated and the existing conservatory could not be utilised, becoming more of a corridor between internal and external.

How spaces interact with each other is very important and the we design spaces to transition can effect they way you use those spaces. Within our proposals, as well as a single storey rear extension we proposed internal reconfigurations to allow improved connections between the spaces.

The new room provided an additional family area which flowed into the existing kitchen and connected to the existing lounge. The large sliding doors allow for the room to ‘spill’ out into the garden, encouraging a internal and external living to merge. Allowing the family more enjoyment of the surrounding countryside.

Project Type

Single Storey Rear Extension


Penwortham, Preston



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